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My treatment philosophy

I have a flexible therapeutic style that draws from several major theoretical approaches to psychotherapy. At a basic level, I believe that there is inherent value in increasing self-understanding and self-acceptance.

As clients come to a deeper appreciation for how their personal history can affect their current feelings, motivations, and relationships, they often feel more grounded and better able to make well-informed decisions about how to live their lives in a rewarding manner.

Do you suffer from symptoms of sadness, depression so feel you need help?

Do you suffer from worry, nervousness, eating and sleep issues?

Do you struggle with excessive worries and find you are nervous often?

Did you go through a traumatic event in your life? I use Cognitive Behavior Therapy techniques to help clients going through Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Do you wonder if your child has special needs such as Autism or ADD/HD?

Do you feel your challenges with your child are affecting your marriage?

I help to evaluate children with special needs and support the parents through the process.

Parents will learn strategies to manage their challenges in parenting and marital issues.

Useful info

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Psychology training

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